A motivational keynote should be designed around one or two key takeaways. Working with your team we will design an inspirational talk with several takeaways. Your managers can then use those talking points in their various meetings for further impact long after the talk occurred.

Leadership Keynote

The theories abound! Which is correct for your organization and your culture? Well, only you know for sure. IMI will develop scripts around your organization; around your culture; around your needs. Using the theory of Provocative Leadership that is, not forcing a theory into your culture simply because it is easy to speak on or facilitate; the goal of IMI revolves around making the leader a better person.

Someone who can take the concepts of goal setting, self-motivation, and highly charged interpersonal communication skills, then use that information and newly acquired skills to decompose strategy into meaningful and actionable objectives and create a climate of motivation for employees to motivate themselves.

Sale/Sales Management Keynote

Keynotes revolving around sales require some detailed customization. For example, a company whose sales process is prospect intensive, would require a much different keynote than a company whose sales process is more missionary in nature.

IMI can create customized high-impact and goal-directed keynotes designed especially around your salesforce.

Management Keynote

Anyone in management below the executive suite knows the difficulty of translating vision and mission into actionable objectives that can permeate the organization and its culture. The goal of the keynote revolving around management is to assist managers in undertaking that functional decomposition of vision and mission and to create a dynamic and engaging goalsetting culture that lends itself to effortless execution.

Strategic Management Keynote

It is surprising how many executives do not understand S.W.O.T. analysis, the Boston Consulting Matrix, or the Ansoff Matrix; not to mention Porter’s Five Forces.

IMI can customize strategic management keynotes built around any of the above and many more commonly accepted models in strategic management.

CustomizeStrategic management keynotes

Our CEO’s specialty is linking the above models to solid microeconomic, and managerial economic underpinnings, a process that will surely impress even the most seasoned senior executive to delve into new realms of strategic management application and execution.

Supervision Keynote

IMI has many top topics for supervisors that can be brought down from a training event into keynote topics such as dynamic delegation, expansive performance reviews, enhanced communication strategies, and goal setting for employee excellence, to name just a few.

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