The hallmark of a good consultant is not the answers that they bring to the table but the questions. A good consultant can take strategic management theory and assist their client in moving forward with what the client deems important and necessary for the effective execution of their business strategy.

Leadership Consulting

One of the most difficult consulting engagements is to consult on leadership. Through a series of psychometric evaluations and 360° analysis, leadership consulting can in fact, become an exercise and an adventure in personal development. Actually, the process is more of a metamorphosis than development. But, if done correctly the individual will attain heights only dreamed of.

Sale/Sales Management Consulting

The sales process is very rarely looked at from a consultancy standpoint. However, it should be! By analyzing the process by which a sale occurs and thoroughly vetting the sales individuals, IMI can determine what necessary changes should be made in the sales process, the sales hiring process, or the sales training process, to bring about greater revenue gains.

Management Consulting

Management consulting deals with two specific areas: one, the processes by which a company does business; and two, the individuals that manages that process. When the processes are correct and the people are correct, the entire operation run smoothly. When one of those two entities are suboptimal the entire operation misses. IMI takes a Gestalt approach to management consulting and looks at the roles of both process and people.

Strategic Management Consulting

Strategic management consulting revolves around an intense review of vision mission and values. What differs from strategic management consulting versus strategic management training is that on the consulting side it is assumed that the individual executives understand the strategic management process and would simply like a “reality check” as to the strategic documents.

Many times, strategic management training and strategic management consulting are contracted for simultaneously.

Supervision Consulting

While most companies would not invest tremendous sums of capital into supervision consulting, it is being noticed more and more that if the individuals who have the individual contributors reporting to them are more in tune to the company’s vision, mission and values that the entire company will run more efficiently. Through a series of training, one-on-one meetings, and process improvement events, IMI will assist your supervisors in becoming superstars.

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