By developing a triangle of transparency with the coach, the participant, and the participant supervisor at each point of the triangle, open, concise, and precise communication occurs so that the participant can truly bring about the changes necessary for their career and their future.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can be one of the most profitable undertakings that a business involves itself. The idea is not so much that the coach brings new leadership ideas into the sessions, but rather, questions the participant in why they are doing what they are doing with the goal being making sure that the participant has a rational basis for their actions

While it is true that a dynamic leadership consultant will in fact have many information streams in their toolbox it is up to the participant to choose the one or ones that meld best with the participant’s personality, in the context of the company’s culture.

Sale/Sales Management Coaching

Coaching for sales is normally a process of “riding alone” with the individual salesperson.
The sales cycle will have to be understood by the coach prior so that they may coach effectively in the entire sales cycle. For example, some sales require heavy prospecting which is a different skill set than the missionary sales approach where the territory is fixed, with a fixed number of prospects.

Then, probing,- discovery, presentations, handling styles and objections, closing, and asking for referrals (if appropriate), can be discussed in between the sales calls.

Management Coaching

The goal of management coaching is simple; it is designed to take lower and middle level management and prep them for the executive suite.

While many individuals consider management coaching to be “leadership coaching lite” the fact is that a good coach understands the differences and similarities between management and leadership and can weave information and questions about each throughout the coaching sessions.

Management coaching can be especially intimidating to the participant who may think that they are in the sessions because they have “done something wrong.” And it is up to both the participants supervisor and the coach to let the participant know that the exact opposite is true. No one needs to be “fixed”, but everyone needs to be further developed!

Strategic Management Coaching

Strategic management coaching is by far one of the most dynamic, yet personal aspects of business that can be coached upon. More information on strategic management coaching can be had by calling IMI directly.

Supervision Coaching

The goal of supervisory coaching is to shadow the supervisor with regard to process and their handling of the individual contributors that actually work the process. By helping them with additional people skills, the individual contributors can become more effective in their job and operations.

Supervisory coaching normally requires face-to-face participation but can be a mixed modality of face-to-face and technology based on the needs of the company.

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