Provocative Leadership

The goal of Provocative Leadership is to allow the participant to think through different and alternative methods and models of leadership and to arrive at their own conclusion as to what will work best given their personal behavior and the culture they work within.

In a word: YES! The notion of a natural born leader notwithstanding, leadership can be taught as evidenced by the number of leaders in existence today. The real question is not if leadership can be taught, but what models and methods of leadership make sense for a given individual? That is what Provocative Leadership is all about.

Costa Rica

While this process can be held anywhere in the world, the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean on Costa Rica’s North-West coast, called the Gold Coast, is by far one of the best places to one, assimilate knowledge and to contemplate the information that was just absorbed. This environment is intended to spur creativity and enhance cognitive output. Basically, it’s a fun place to learn!

Actually, the cost structure of Costa Rica makes it more affordable to conduct a seminar of this magnitude, at a more affordable investment than in The United Sates. Labor, material costs, as well as food prep and lodging are an excellent value in Costa Rica, and because of the International airport in Liberia, (only one hour away from the hotel) travel expenditure is comparable to traveling to and attending this seminar anywhere in the Unites States.

The best way to answer that is by asking how safe is any town in the country you live in? Costa Rica, in general is very safe; the people are amazingly friendly, and the overall culture is one of giving. That said, Tamarindo is a resort town with people from all over the world visiting it at any given time. Should you decide to engage in unsafe behavior (flashing large sums of money in public, walking in dark and secluded areas alone, engaging in buying and selling narcotics or eliciting the services of individuals in “risky” behavior) you may be setting yourself up for some issues. The best advice is to act the way you would in your neck of the woods, that is, in your home town. In two words: Common Sense! If you engage in common sense activities and behaviors, you should have no trouble while attending Provocative Leadership.